about us

rise is the realisation of grant and matt's dream, two friends from opposite ends of the world (new zealand and scotland) who fell in love with south australia’s bucolic clare valley and ended up settling there with their families. both grant and matt have worked in the wine industry for more years than they care to remember and have run two of south australia’s leading wineries, kirrihill wines and château tanunda respectively. however, it is with rise vineyards that they have been truly able to express their winemaking philosophy. growing grapes and making wines has given them the freedom to create the kind of wines which they themselves as well as their families and friends enjoy drinking.

the current range of rise wines

watervale single vineyard riesling

clare valley single vineyard shiraz

clare valley single vineyard cabernet sauvignon

clare valley single vineyard grenache

clare valley single vineyard mourvèdre

mcculloch vineyard clare valley shiraz

about the clare valley